Kitchen Organization: Plates & Cups

There many words to describe me, one of the most frequently used is organized. I can not begin to describe the satisfaction I get from seeing something, anything… EVERYTHING organized. Being that I am such a visual person, and the Taurus that I am, I neeeeeed everything to have its own place and for it, not only be functional, but look great.

Organizing can become quite overwhelming, however the benefits of having an organized space is well worth the initial struggles. If you are just stepping into the wonderful world of organization I would suggest starting where you will get the most bang-for-your-buck with spaces such as open shelving, bathrooms, and especially your kitchen. One way to fool your family and friends into thinking that you got your shit together is by organizing the areas of your home that other people will be using often.

In my home the kitchen is the place where everyone always seems to gather as well as is the area the most time is spent since I enjoy making a nice dinner for my family. One of the areas of the kitchen that makes the biggest difference when it is properly organized is the cupboards. Cupboards are accessed daily by you and your family but also by guests, if your guests are that comfortable in your home to get their own cups and plates.

Utilizing the space in the cupboards to allow for function but also style is key. Mixing around the items such as the plates and cups help create a unique look for your space as well as the ease to pull things out and place them back in.

A simple trick is using under the shelf organizers for smaller items instead of stacking them on top of larger items, which creates clutter.

There are so many ways to organize your cupboards, here is some inspo!

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