Preggo Style: My Current Go To Shoes- Naturalizer Yola Sneaker

I’m not sure what hormone to blame, but when my second trimester started my feet just seemed to give up on me. All my shoes stopped fitting and hurt my heels SO bad that all I would wear were my sandals, but even my sandals became my worst enemies eventually. I was in denial for some time about the sad truth, my feet had grown. I’m honestly not sure if my feet grew, got wider or both but I gave in and went shoe shopping, looking for ANYTHING that I could walk in comfortably.

Blazer Cardigan: LC by Lauren Conrad
Tank: JCPenny
Sneakers: Naturalizer Yola Sneakers

About 2-3 weeks ago, my husband and I went to our local Burlington in search of some shoes for myself (and you know I’m all about finding a deal) that would be cute yet comfy. To my surprise I came across these Naturalizer Yola Sneakers, which I thought were cute and I almost cried when I tried them on… THEY WERE SO COMFY! I felt as if I was literally walking on clouds, not even my Adidas or Nike sneakers could compare. Although I didn’t end up purchasing them that day because I knew I needed to either size up a half size or see if they were available in wide, because they are pretty narrow. Luckily they were in my size on Amazon, I ordered them right away and have been wearing them non stop ever since. These sneakers have honestly been the best purchase I’ve made so far in my pregnancy… right after my pregnancy pillow lol.


Do you have any recommendations for comfortable shoes? I can not do anything flat, meaning I need to have a solid sole with cushion or else I won’t make it through the day. I miss the days of throwing on some heels or booties just because it completed an outfit, but now a days its more about comfort. Honestly, I don’t mind giving up some style for my little one as long as I’m comfortable for the both of us.

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