Preggo Style: My Favorite White T-Shirt “Le Bump”

The other day Ed (My husband) and I went out for brunch and decided to give the newest local spot a shot. Steel Craft is the newest addition to downtown Bellflower, it has a great variety of new restaurants which is something Bellflower always seemed to lack. Not only does it give food options, asthetically its a refreshing take on outdoor and community eating which I enjoyed.

We had heard great things about the bagal shop that was at Steel Craft as well as the coffee shop so we went straight there. At Solid Coffee Shop we ordered

  • Iced Matcha Latte with Almond Milk
  • Solid Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweetener

While at Cassidy’s Corner we ordered

  • Del Amo on a Everything Bagel
  • Cassidy’s Club on a Whole Wheat Bagel

Everything was great, the bagels were so filling and our drinks were amazing. I usually drink green tea but I’m going to give Matcha a try since the drink was so good.

While out on our brunch date I wore my favorite T-shirt at the moment. I purchased the T-shirt from Boohoo Maternity for a great price, which makes me love the shirt even more lol. Maternity clothes can be very expensive especially when you take into consideration that your only going to be wearing it for less than a year. However, just like every other T-Shirt you can easily dress it up or down like I did with leggings and a denim jacket. Comfy shoes are still a must for me, these aren’t my current favorites but go back to my previous post to find out which ones are.

Here are a few of my top picks for cute maternity graphic T-shirts if you interested in getting some comfy and cute options.

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