Every Day Must Have Personal Care Products: Current Hit and Miss items

I like to think that I live a practical life, especially when it comes to my personal care. I enjoy products that aren’t over complicated and of course, are effective. I usually find myself sticking to the same basic products for my everyday care, but if I see a great review or someone recommends me a product I am always open to trying it out. So here’s a break down of what are my favorite must have products and what products I tried out and didn’t work for me.

Lens Cleaning Wipes
First Aid Beauty Hand Cream
Burt’s Bee Chapstick
Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel

I LITERALLY would be blind without my glasses, and I recently got a new pair of Ray Bays, which I absolutely LOVE! However, one of my pet peeves is dirty glasses so one of my must have products are my Lens Cleaning Wipes. I use these wipes at least twice a day, so for the price and quality these are definitely worth it, you’ll never go back to using cloth to wipe your glasses again. Cloth wipes usually leave streaks or cloudiness to your lens but when using Cleaning Wipes they won’t leave any smudges, as well are super convenient easily thrown into your purse. You’ll feel like your glasses are brand new again every day.

I don’t always understand my skin, I have oily/combination skin on my face and drier skin on my body especially during the “colder” months in the dry California weather. My hands are usually on the drier side, so I switched over to Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty because of a sample my sister gave me from her Ipsy Bag. This cream isn’t specifically a “hand cream” but I’ve found that it doesn’t leave a heavy greasy feeling and absorbs pretty quickly, everything I need in a good hand cream. So for now, its a hit and I’ll be purchasing the full size version soon to try it out on the rest of my body and see how it works out. Until then I found my new favorite hand cream!

There isn’t much to say regarding my next must have item, my Burt’s Bee Chap stick. I CAN NOT live without a good chap stick, like I mentioned above my body constantly needs moisture so my lips get chapped very quickly. I keep a chap stick in my bedside table, in my purse and even in my car, so I am never caught slipping without one for when I need it. I feel so ugly when my lips are chapped and you have nothing to moisturize with, so you resort to licking your lips, which obviously only makes it worse so then you look like LL Cool J licking your lips every few minutes… I just hate it. The Burt’s Bee Chap sticks are very moisturizing, non greasy, and have great scents/flavors. My two favorites are the natural original or the cucumber mint.

Misses: Never again, PERIODT.

I was using the Benefit Give Me Brow for quite some time and was very happy with it, especially for my everyday minimal makeup. I have thin patchy eyebrows, so the Give Me Brow helped build up and tame my thin long eyebrow hairs. However, I ran out and decided to give something else a try, that’s where the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel came into play. At first, I wasn’t very impressed but enjoyed the dimension it gave my brows since it has a nice color, but it lacked what I really needed, control. I need my eyebrow product to keep my eyebrows in place, Periodt, isn’t that the whole point? Well, this product just wasn’t it. I only vaguely enjoyed it when I would paint on my brows, again because of the pretty highlight color it would give. Over all I will not be repurchasing it and will either go back to my Benefit Give Me Brow or try something else.

I’ll keep looking for the best products without breaking the bank and report back to you guys, but please do the same. Let me know what products you think I would enjoy, have a great weekend!

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