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Christmas Decor On a Budget: Thrifted Christmas Wreath DIY

The holiday season is in full effect, even though we still haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas is on everyone mind or at least mine. This year is our first in our new home and I have sooooooo many ideas to decorate, however my ideas definitely out weight my budget lol. So I went over to my beloved thrift store and found a wreath that was in desperate need of an upgrade. I’m not to sure what the vibe for the wreath was supposed to be, but I knew what I wanted to transform it into.

I wanted to go for a slightly rustic, but not too farmhouse vibe, which is what my Christmas theme is for this year. I want natural elements but also a little bit of glam with tones of white and pale silver. Again, taking into consideration my budget I took a stroll down to The 99 Cent Store, which has up-ed its game and has some very cute decor pieces specifically Christmas ornaments. Not all the ornaments are a hit, but most of them are great for DIYing since their trendy and cheap.

I found a really cute sign that would be the center of the wreath, which is different from your usual traditional big bows. I choose glittery ornaments to give that subtle glam and played with the rustic features of the white jingle bells and pine cones. I found picks that helped fill in the wreath and give alot of dimension, which is the trick to any Christmas wreath or tree.

  • 6 Christmas Picks
  • 2 sets of pine cone ornaments
  • 1 pack of white glitter ornaments
  • 1 pack of white jingle bells
  • 1 “Farm Fresh” Sign

I could tell you what I did exactly and pretend its the only and right way of making a DIY wreath, however DIYing is all about what you feel looks best. I did what I thought looked great and hot glued it onto the wreath and BOOM! Done. But there are so many ways the same accessories could of been arranged creating a completely different look that would of been just as amazing.

I’m very happy with how the wreath turned out, but I’m even happier with the price! I spent a total of $11.00 at The 99 Cent Store and paid $5.99 for the wreath, for a total of $16.99. I didn’t use all of the jingle bells or glitter ornaments so technically the wreath was cheaper. Over all, I saved so much money DIYing this wreath then buying one at Target, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby Etc which are averaging over $45.00 for the same size wreath I made.

But what I really want to know is what you thought. Should I have added more accessories to the wreath, liked how it turned out or just should of bought one at the store? Let me know, I would love to hear from you guys.