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Simple Everyday Alternatives to Live a more eco-friendly life.

When you’ve lived a certain way all your life it’s at times difficult to step back, observe and consider that it may not be the best way to live. Growing up in a Mexican household it wasn’t unusual to reuse and repurpose items, as a matter of fact, it was necessary at times due to financial burdens. Countless times have I opened the fridge to find “Tupper ware”, which was actually just old food containers, filled with things other than what was once in them. Butter container? perfect size to hold the frijoles. Where’s the salsa? most likely in the yogurt container. Being resourceful was instilled in me since childhood, hand-me-downs clothes from older sisters and cousins were normal occurrences. However, as time fly by and I became an adult with a job and somewhere “being resourceful” was lost in translation.

Thank God, that my husband has a great job that allows me to be a stay-at-home mom and we are not financially burdened. However, being resourceful by reusing and repurposing items doesn’t mean you can’t afford new things. I want to live a more mindful life where I’m not consumed with unnecessary items that clutter my mind and space. I also want to help make an impact on our ecosystem even if it’s small.

For a few months, I’ve been slowly making changes that have helped me become more eco-conscious but also as a direct result has saved me money. It’s a win-win for me!


Plan/ Meal Prep

Aside from the obvious time and money-saving, meal planning is a great way to reduce food waste. I would consistently throw out veggies, yogurts, etc. every week that my family and I didn’t even touch. Now I only buy what I need for the meals I have planned. This method also takes the guessing games out of “what am I going to make”. If you want to go a step further, create your meals around in-season veggies and head over to your local farmer’s market. Take your reusable bags and support local small businesses.

Reuse Glass Jars & Containers

I am a very visual person, who loves aesthetics. Having mismatched jars and containers took some time for me to get used to. It sounds dumb that something so simple like containers not matching would bother me but it’s easy to fall into the “perfect eco-friendly” pantry trap when it’s all over Instagram. And let’s keep it real, we’re always scrolling the ‘gram or Pinterest, and that’s all we see. However, once you move past that ridiculous ideology of having to buy new containers you’ll find that you have exactly what you need already. Glass Pasta or jelly jars are what I use because that’s what I buy regularly so I try my best to reuse them as much as possible. They’re great for storing dry goods in the pantry or for propagating little pothos, the uses are endless.

Glass/Metal > Plastic

If you find that you still need other containers aside from the ones you reused and repurposed then opt for glass or metal over plastic. Remember, the end goal is to avoid using plastic as much as possible and use environmentally friendly materials. A few simple swaps that you can do today.


Educate yourself

Once you know better you do better. You don’t need to be a environmentalist to do your part in helping the world. Follow a few social media accounts that help explain what you should and shouldn’t do to help the environment and start implementing what you can into your lifestyle.

What do you do to make a positive Eco-friendly impact on the world? Let me know below!


Supporting Southern California Small Business: A Quick Reference Guide To Beauty, Fashion, Wellness and More!

After having survived and thrived during a world wide pandemic, many small businesses still need your support. After creating Solis Modern Wellness with my sister last year, I realized how hard it was to “shop small” especially since they are easily lost in the social media world, which for the most part is their main source of marketing. I took it upon myself to create a quick reference guide so that you can easily shop small for anything and everything. This list will continue to grow along side these small businesses and I hope it helps them out in every way possible.

Do you know a small business that should be on the list? Contact me!




Bags & Shoes



Florals & Greenery


Food, Bakery & Deserts


Spiritual & Crystals

Event Decor


Money Saving Tips: 5 Simple Tips Anyone Can Do To Save Money Every Day.

Recently, I reposted a financial meme on instagram that got alot of responses from my followers. The meme basically said

“What’s an easy way to spend $10,000.00 a year? Wasting $27.40 a day on unnecessary spending”

Which I added ” It’s not that you CAN’T save money, it’s that you CAN’T stop being lazy” .

Especially in January, everyone is riding the “New year goals- save money” wave, with what I believe is the best intentions to stick to whatever they want to achieve, however everyone isn’t doing what is necessary to make those goals happen. You can not expect to save money if you continue to spend money the same way, it just doesn’t add up.

I wanted to share with you guys some tips and trick I use to save money. Not everything I do will work for your life style but maybe it’ll inspire you to analyze your financials and see where you can improve.

Coffee & Drinks

The #1 money saving trick that I feel makes an instant effect and is the easiest to start is with your coffee. I understand many people can not live without their coffee, aka my husband. However, spending $5 a day on a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop adds up very quickly.

(365 Days) x $5 Coffee = $1,825

Now tell me that is not ridiculous! Those $1,825 your spending on your coffee can go towards an emergency fund, a downpayment on a car or apartment, a well deserved vacation, debt, etc.

This tip isn’t particularly just for coffee, any beverage you find yourself buying alot such as teas, smoothies, etc. Whatever your taste, try and find a recipe dupe on Pinterest and make it at home.

Grocery Shopping

You know that saying ” Don’t go to the grocery store hungry?” well its true. Grocery shopping is a very under rated way to save money, if done correctly you can save yourself ALOT of money. When you do your weekly trip take a few minutes and go through your pantry or fridge and make a list of what you need. Do not rely on your memory to remember what you need for that recipe or what your running low on of your favorites.

When you buy what you need and not what you thought looked good at the moment you save yourself the extra calories and wasted food.

Wasted food = wasted money, Periodt. If you didn’t finish all that fruit you bought, guess what you just lost money. If you can’t make a meal out of the items you bought, you’ll end up going out to eat or getting take out and now you DOUBLE spent. Be mindful of your eating habits, don’t over buy, stick to what you know or a recipe, and always try and cook at home.

Your wallet and your figure will thank you.

Limit Eating Out

Just because your on a money saving journey it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Look at your financial goals and give yourself some realistic space for going out with friends/family for dinner or for a fast food run. I strive for once a week with my husband, we can not rationalize spending an average of $60 for a sit down dinner when our grocery shopping for the whole week is usually $110-$120. That’s half our food budget for just one meal instead of a weeks worth. However, going out and not completely restricting yourself is important so you can stay on track and not go on a spending spree.

The saying “Treat Yourself, Don’t Cheat Yourself” can still apply when your looking to save money but no te pases de verga.

Sell Your Clothes

Remember that dress you bought for that one night out but ended up changing your mind and your outfit about 20 times, sell it sis. I, like many of you, have clothing in my closet that was bought for a single purpose and once that purpose has passed it just hangs in your closet. Everyone has money just stashed away in your closet! I like using an app called Poshmark to sell my clothing. Poshmark is a great way to sell your “higher end” or brand new items so you can still get your money worth.

P.S You can sign up for Free and get $10 Credit added to your account by using my code WKNDQUAINTRELLE at sign up.

Cash Back Apps

Lastly, for the times you need to make an online purchase always use cash back apps. These apps will give you a percentage of your purchase back just for shopping through their website/app. If you were going to buy something either way why not try and get some money back for it?

I personally use Swagbucks, and love it! it’s so simple and has other great incentives like a points system that can be used towards thousands of different gift cards. Rack up enough points from the cash back, surveys, etc and pay for your bills or groceries with your gift cards. You not only save money but make some while your at it!

Ultimately, saving money isn’t impossible regardless of your income. If you set your mind to it and stay diligent you can achieve your financial goals.

What do you do to save money? Comment below, I would love to know!

2020 New Year Goals: My Husband and I’s Tradition That Helps Keep Us On Track.

As 2019 comes to an end, and we prepare to bring in a new year I like to reflect on what I accomplished during those 365 days as well as think ahead of what I would like to strive for in the coming year. It’s easy to say what you want to do, whether it’s to save more money, travel more or try to live a healthier lifestyle, the trouble comes in actually getting it done. For many years now, I would take a few moments from the end of the year chaos to really analyze my life and what I would like to improve on.

I always like to create a goal list for myself, whether its one or many goals I always felt like writing it down makes it official. Regardless of how big or small the goal may be once I see it on paper it gives me a sense of a “To-do list” ,and as the Taurus that I am, I have to get it done.

It took some trial and errors to see what really helped me through out the year to accomplish my goal list, for example writing it down in a planner was a HUGE fail for me. The planner was good for keeping track of steps towards accomplishing my goal but the moment I derailed from my planner I also derailed from my goals list. I figured out that I needed to have my goals listed out in front of me to view everyday, so I can wake up and get shit done.

I didn’t want to hang up a random piece of notebook paper with a list on it, so I bought myself a letter board. It was the perfect way to display my goals in a pretty decorative way yet being functional. As the year progressed and I accomplished my goals I would check it off the list and its one of the most rewarding and motivating feelings.

Once I got married I carried over this personal tradition to include my husband. We sit down and write out what our goals are for ourselves, I like to think that whatever his goals are I make them my own personal goals too. Our marriage works best with the mindset of “Team Work”, so if he wants to get into shape, WE will get into shape- if he wants to start a business, then WE’RE starting a business. I’ve noticed that with this mentality we stick to our new year goals and are more likely to accomplish them by keeping each other accountable. I want to see him succeed as much as he wants to see me succeed because we’re a team and when one of us slacks off it affects the both of us.

Quick Tip: Hang your letter board in your bedroom or somewhere you will see it everyday, this will help keep your goals in the front of your mind.

One key factor in accomplishing your new year goals is being realistic. Although alot can be accomplished in one year, breaking down your goals into steps will help you follow through with what you set your goal as and will prevent any discouragement.

For example: Do you want to save more money in the new year, like around $2,000.00 for whatever reason. Then instead of making your goal for the year “Save $2,000.00”, give yourself steps like “save $200.00 a month”, which will give you the same end of the year results but will help you visualize progress every month of the year. Ultimately it will then keep you motivated and on track the whole year instead for the first few months.

Time to get personal!

Here’s a break down of what my husband and I are striving for in 2020.

  • Happy Healthy Baby Girl – Salome is due February and we can not wait to meet her!
  • Save $$$ for a business project- We have a set amount that we are aiming for but I rather not disclose that. BUT WE’RE MAKING MOVES!
  • Get Fit- Once I pop this baby out its back to fit Maittita lol. Eduardo and I will be focusing on living a healthier more active lifestyle.

I can’t wait for what the new year will bring, but I know no matter what life throws our way as long as we have each other and our baby girl we can do anything.

What are your New Year’s goals? Let me know below!

Happy New Year’s!