Posole Verde: How to make traditional Mexican Posole for the holidays.

In most American homes during the holidays you would find your “traditional” meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years being Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes, etc. However, if your anything like my Mexican family you bust out the big ol’ Princess House Olla from the garage and get the posole going. The infamous “Tamalera” pot is essential for not only making tamales but also for the posole. Not one major holiday has gone by in my family without posole, however over the years the traditional Posole Rojo has been replaced with Posole Verde. Posole Verde has all the essentials of regular posole, but is made with chicken instead of pork and is obviously green and not red. Both Posoles are delicious in their own right, however posole verde is absolutely my favorite and I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which most likely will happen because left overs for the recalentada are for sure to happen.

As I mentioned posole is made for major holidays or events in my family so this recipe is not for those of you who are looking to feed 4 people. This recipe is for a HUGE pot of posole that will feed you, your family, your suegros, your friends, and the whole damn neighborhood. The quantities for the recipe are to fill a 30 Quart stock pot, specifically the one I used is a Princess House Stainless Steel Classic 30-QT Stockpot. Although the quantity sounds intimating, I promise this recipe is very easy and worth it.


  • 30 Quart stock pot
  • Blender
  • 3 lbs of Green Tomatillos
  • 2 bundles of Spinach
  • 2 bundles of Cilantro
  • 2 White Onions
  • 1 bottle of 35 oz Knorr Chicken flavor Bouillon – Consome de Pollo (Optional)
  • 2 Heads of Garlic
  • 2 Big Cans of Juanita’s Maiz
  • 10 Lbs. of Skinless Chicken Breast (Bone-in)
  • 1/2 Lbs. of Anaheim Peppers
  • 4 Pasilla Peppers
  • 4 Jalapeno Peppers
  • 2 Green Bell Peppers
  • 4 Serrano Peppers

Step 1

Fill your pot half way with water. Add the whole head of garlic as well as chop one whole onion in half and add it to the pot, keep the garlic head in one piece since it will be taken out later along with the onion. Lastly, add your chicken breasts. Cook your chicken until tender- falls off the bone. This can take up to 2-2.5 hours but varies due to the size of the pot. Its very important to cook your chicken thoroughly as it should shred easily.

Step 2

As the chicken cooks, its time to work on your salsa verde. Shell and wash your tomatillos and place them in a pot with water until covered, bring to a boil. The Tomatillos are ready when they have changed color and have softened.

Step 3

As your tomatillos cook, take the opportunity to wash and de-vain your peppers. Posole is not meant to be a spicy soup, which is why you take out all the seeds and vines so you get all the flavor but not the spice of the peppers. However, if you would like to add some spice keep some of the seeds from your choice of peppers to add later in step 4.

Step 4

Once the tomatillos have cooked, add them to your blender along with all your peppers, 4 cloves of garlic, the bunches of cilantro and spinach, and half an onion. Blend until smooth and no chunks are visible. Due to the quantity of it all your going to want to have a big bowl on the side to dump the liquid into, you will need to do a few batches to complete all the veggies. A quick tip, keep the water from when your boiled the tomatillos, the veggies will blend easier by adding the tomatillo water as well as give it more flavor.

Step 5

Once the chicken breasts have cooked thoroughly and they are very tender take them out and shred them, as well as take out the bones. Taking out the bones is optional, however I find that its best especially for the kids. Once the chicken is shredded place it back into the pot and take out the head of garlic and onion we put in the beginning and throw it away.

Step 6

Add the liquified veggies aka your salsa into the stockpot along with the two cans of Maiz. Drain your maiz, only adding the maiz and not the water it comes in. Stir all the chicken, salsa verde and maiz together.

Optional: The soup will have great taste all on its own , however I usually add consome de pollo (Chicken Flavor Bouillon) for that extra taste of chicken. Since this is optional you can add as much as you like, I usually add 1/3 of the bottle.

Bring your posole to a boil and it is ready to serve.


Posole all on its own is AMAZING, however the toppings you put on are just as important.

Chopped Toppings

  • Onion
  • Cabbage
  • lettuce
  • Radishes
  • Cucumber

Other Toppings/Sides

  • Lemon
  • Tapatio
  • Tostadas

Posole is very personal to some people. For me when I eat posole I reminiscence of the happy holiday moments I’ve had with family and friends. Its like a blanket of flavor that warms your heart and soul.

This year show off to everyone that your that bitch and make the posole, prove to your mom, tias, or suegra que ya te puedes casar haha. I can’t wait to hear back from everyone who tries to make this recipe, enjoy!


We’re Pregnant! Simple & Essential First Trimester Must Haves

Hoodie: Motherhood
Leggings: Burlington
Glasses: Rayban

My husband and I have been married for about two years, however from the beginning of our marriage we were constantly asked, ” When are you guys going to have a baby” ” Come on, catch up. Have a baby already”.

After having a wonderful first year of marriage and truly enjoying the time to ourselves we decided it was time to start popping out some babies of our own. Which brings me to the wonderful announcement that we’re having a baby girl!

I’m 25 weeks and counting as I write this blog. Over on my instagram (@maitteeugenia) I asked my followers what they wanted to read from me and one of the many things was pregnancy related questions. I am far from a pregnancy expert and this is my first child but I want to share what has helped me get through this crazy journey so far.

Preggie Pop Drops

If you’ve have the bad luck to have morning sicks like many women do, then you understand the horrible unsettling feeling of nausea. We need to have a majority decision to change the name of ” Morning Sickness” because it is not just in the morning. I was nauseous in the morning when I woke up, during the day and even at night, I swore the universe was being petty and telling me “Congrats your pregnant! Now lets give you hell to prepare for motherhood” lol. Thankfully, I am a big Amazon buyer and searched for something, ANYTHING that would help me feel better and I came across Preggie Pop Drops. Preggie Pop Drops are essentially candies that help temporarily alleviate morning sickness. The candies taste great, no medicine favor! Many moms advised on teas for the nausea but these candies are so convenient to carry in your purse or just pop into your mouth when the nausea hits even in the worst time like at work or out and about running errands.

Soup, Soup, Soup

I’ve always enjoyed a nice soup on a cold day, however it was 90 degrees in Cali during my first trimester and I truly felt like the epitome of a Mexican Mom making caldos on a hot summer day. I was at times too nauseous to eat but the nausea would only get worse if I didn’t have anything in my stomach, so soups were very filling and eased the morning sickness. I have a really healthy version of Turkey Albondigas if anyone is interested let me know so I can make a post about it.

Pregnancy Pillow

Many women make this purchase later in their pregnancy, however during my early weeks I already was having trouble getting comfortable at night from the bloating. Of course, being the true amazon enthusiast that I am I searched and found what has been what I call- my best purchase yet! The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow gives you all the support you need and more, I can’t fully describe it but its as if you sleeping with a cloud. I don’t think I would of survived this far into my pregnancy without it, and I might keep using it after I give birth.

The first trimester was so far the hardest, I was nauseous, fatigued, bloated and not feeling like myself. However, its only temporary so to all the women out there who just found out your pregnant or are trying to become pregnant just remember everyone’s body is different, but embrace the changes and do what you can to survive those first few weeks. I’m currently in my second trimester and I promise its so much more enjoyable now than it was then, just keep pushing!

Thrifted Home Decor: My own personal favorites.

It wasn’t until I got married almost two years ago, that I really realized how expensive it is to decorate a home. Eduardo, my now husband, was living in a house that was the epitome of a bachelor pad, however knowing that he (my then boyfriend) was going to make the best decision of his life aka marry ME one day. I offered to decorate his place with the grand scheme that when we get married, I’ll move in and have something to work with instead of starting from scratch. I know, I have some nerve to even think like that, much less to put it into play but no shame in my game lol.

As I started to shop around I went to the usual “Budget friendly” stores like Ikea, however even a relatively “Cheap” home decor store like that can be out of someones budget like it was for us as we were dating as well as newly weds. I personally pride myself in finding a great deal or maybe I’m just too frugal for my own good lol, because alot of the time I would shop around typical stores like Target, Home Goods, Ikea, etc and think to myself “ No Mames, $$$ for this? I can find this at the thrift store for way cheaper“! Which of course, after digging through a lot of shit, testing my patience and a few iced coffees to help keep my eyes sharp, I have found many items that have turned our house into our home.

Ikea Silver Circle Mirror

Purchased for $9.99

When I found this Ikea circle mirror I couldn’t believe my luck! I had been looking for a mirror to go over my dresser and I had seen plenty of the traditional square mirrors crowding the thrift stores, however I really wanted a circle one, which is much more modern. When thrifting at times you need to compromise a little to make things work such as for this mirror. I would of preferred this mirror to be a bit bigger since my dresser is quite large, however this was the style and color I wanted. For me, thrifting isn’t always finding the perfect piece but the piece that would work out best according to my budget, style and needs.

Z Gallerie White Round Large Vase

Purchased for $9.99

The hallway in my house is a space that needed to be functional and clutter free because its the access point for all the rooms and the main bathroom. Although I wanted a clutter free hallway I didn’t want it to look so blahhhhhh, and so I thought I could take advantage of the little nooks and corners by adding a plant or in this case a vase. I found this vase at the Value Village in Bellflower, CA on their half off days. This vase was just stitting in the middle of the furniture area and everyone kept passing it by! One tip is you need a bit of imagination when your in a thrift store or else you’ll miss out on an opportunity. Now this piece is BIG and I wasn’t sure it would fit in the corner I wanted to fill, thankfully it fit perfectly and I accessorized it with huge palm leaves (Hobby Lobby 50% off, each leaf was $5.00 WOO HOO!) to balance out the size of the vase and add height to the space. That’s the key to thrifting, being open minded and get creative.

Antique Grandpa Painting

Purchased for $1.99

When I found this piece I was a junior or sophomore in high school rummaging through thrift stores with my friends in search of high waisted shorts. Yup, that was the only way back then to find anything high waisted lol. This painting was on the floor leaning against the wall and caught my attention immediately. I’m not sure if its the old mans memorizing stare or the resemblance to my own grandpa but I knew right away I wanted to take it home. For $1.99 I took home what I claim as my favorite piece of art and what I jokingly say is a portrait of my “Grandpa”. Thrift stores are filled with commercial pieces of wall art but its when you find those pieces that really speak to you and seem one of a kind that truly creates a style that is all your own.

Ethan Allen Black Leather Armchair

Purchased for $10.00

You wanna know what’s a hot deal? THIS RIGHT HERE! I purchased this arm chair a few weeks before we got married because we needed more seating in our living room. When I saw it at the thrift store I immediately knew my husband would love it, it has a traditional silhouette and looks, in my opinion, masculine. However, when I bought the arm chair I honestly didn’t love it but liked it enough to compromise for the sake of our budget and since it looked brand new. Little did I know at the time that the same arm chair was still selling online on the Ethan Allen website for the full price of $2,000! After I found out that fun fact I then REALLY liked it, a good deal will always make something look cuter in my eyes lol.

Thrifting is not for everyone but I strongly suggest giving it a try, you never know what you’ll find and for a great price. Let me know what is one of your best thrifted pieces (Furniture, Clothing, etc) I would love to know.

Kitchen Organization: Plates & Cups

There many words to describe me, one of the most frequently used is organized. I can not begin to describe the satisfaction I get from seeing something, anything… EVERYTHING organized. Being that I am such a visual person, and the Taurus that I am, I neeeeeed everything to have its own place and for it, not only be functional, but look great.

Organizing can become quite overwhelming, however the benefits of having an organized space is well worth the initial struggles. If you are just stepping into the wonderful world of organization I would suggest starting where you will get the most bang-for-your-buck with spaces such as open shelving, bathrooms, and especially your kitchen. One way to fool your family and friends into thinking that you got your shit together is by organizing the areas of your home that other people will be using often.

In my home the kitchen is the place where everyone always seems to gather as well as is the area the most time is spent since I enjoy making a nice dinner for my family. One of the areas of the kitchen that makes the biggest difference when it is properly organized is the cupboards. Cupboards are accessed daily by you and your family but also by guests, if your guests are that comfortable in your home to get their own cups and plates.

Utilizing the space in the cupboards to allow for function but also style is key. Mixing around the items such as the plates and cups help create a unique look for your space as well as the ease to pull things out and place them back in.

A simple trick is using under the shelf organizers for smaller items instead of stacking them on top of larger items, which creates clutter.

There are so many ways to organize your cupboards, here is some inspo!

Fall Trends: Snake Print

This latest trend is nothing new for many of us, however snake print is making its way from summer to fall and I’m here for it.

Here are some awesome snake print inspo pics and where you can find some great dupes at amazing prices.

These booties are perfect to transition from summer to fall, with a cute cut out and neutral block heel they’ll automatically bring a casual outfit some flair.

Windsor Snake it Easy Bootie $34.90

Vince Camuto Gigietta Bootie $149.95

One thing to know is I am a Frugal Queen, no shame in my game. If I can find anything for a better price, I will always go for it. However, do not confuse that with skimping on quality. I do believe that certain items you should pay up for, however trendy does not mean classic, so pick and choose what you feel is worth the splurge or whats worth taking a stroll down to Ross.

Take a look at my Pinterest board for more inspo pics!

My Night Time Skin Care Routine: Oily and Acne Prone Skin

You’re never too old to become younger.

Mae West

Let me start by emphasizing that I AM NOT a skin expert but a girl trying to figure out her skins love language. Currently I’m speaking English and my skin is responding in Spanglish.

After 26 years of living on God’s green earth I still haven’t figured out my skin completely. Skin changes over time and I know 3 things for sure that have not changed..

  1. I am acne prone
  2. I have oily skin
  3. I have big pores

Now with that being said, I have found a few skin care items that have helped me with my skin issues. These items have helped me and might help you too.

My first step in my skin care routine is cleansing. Your probably wondering “Maitte, you already fucked up, what about make up removing wipes/Oil?” Well quiet honestly, I don’t wear makeup everyday to work *Kanye Shrug*. However, whenever I do decide to beat my face I usually use makeup removing wipes then go in with this Cerve Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Gentle enough for your face but strong enough to cleanse your soul.

This cleanser is one of the few cleansers I’ve ever used that does not strip my skin. When I was younger I believed that because of my oily skin I needed to feel my face squeaky clean to the point of it feeling tight and dry. However, as I entered the University of YouTube and beauty guru’s would mention that oily skin becomes oilier because of lack of moisture and blah blah blah. I finally realized that I needed to cleanse my face without over doing it. This cleanser is specifically formalized for oily skin and I can not recommend it enough!

Tone your face as much as you try to tone your arms.

Once you’ve cleansed your face you would think that all the makeup and gunk would be gone, right? Think again! That’s the beauty of toners they help remove the excess makeup, oil, etc. that was left behind from cleansing. I’ve tried many different toners, however I always come back to this classic, Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula Rose Petal.

I apply my toner by soaking a cotton pad and lightly swiping across my entire face and down my neck. Allow a couple of minutes to pass by as you allow the toner to dry and absorb into your skin.

P.S Don’t forget to get into your hair line as make up and dirt linger there!

This part of my skin care routine separates the girls from the Comadres, because the Comadre life is not for everyone! As I’ve grown older I’ve realized that my skin needs a little more TLC than it once did in my late teens/early twenties. Back in the days I could stay out all day, nap for 30 mins, drink and party my life away at night, then get 4 hours of sleep, wake up for my soccer games and still look fresh and rejuvenated. If I did that today I would literally look like a White Walker straight out of Game Of Thrones.

A Face Lift in a Bottle

However, what has helped me keep a more youthful look has been serums. What is a serum? Again, I’m not a dermatologist or any sort of skin expert so I’ll keep this simple. A face serum is a type of moisturizer that helps give your skin a smoother, firmer look as well as increase moisture retention and make your pores appear smaller.The Tree of Life Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, and Vitamin C Serums have been my go to face serums for two reasons, price and results.

The hyaluronic acid and retinol serums I use at night; applying the retinol serum first then following up with the hyaluronic acid. Remember, wait a few minutes in between applications to allow the serums to absorb and dry on the skin before applying the next serum.

Now if you would like me to go more in depth about these face serums, especially the Vitamin C, let me know in the comments below so I can write a separate blog post!

Light Weight Under Eye Gel Cream

Maitte are you done yet?” Nope, not yet! One of the most important parts of your face that should be taken care of is your under eye area. Girls, it’s 2019 nobody has time for crows feet or baggy under eyes, PERIODT! Remember to always use a under eye cream, I have been using Artistry Hydra-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream. This eye gel cream is very refreshing and light weight, which is great for day time wear and for under makeup.

Seal it with moisture

Lastly and arguably one of the most important steps, I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. To seal in all that work and money I put onto my face I apply the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion. It’s light weight and fast absorbing, perfect for oily skin.

Start to finish it takes me 20-30 mins to complete all these steps, and this is my “simple” routine. My night time skin care routine is the time of day where I can start to wind down before bed, its almost as if I’m washing away all my worries of the day. I truly enjoy the process not because I have to but because it feels great to take care of myself.

What do you do for your night time skin care routine? I wanna know, comment below!

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