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We’re Pregnant! Simple & Essential First Trimester Must Haves

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My husband and I have been married for about two years, however from the beginning of our marriage we were constantly asked, ” When are you guys going to have a baby” ” Come on, catch up. Have a baby already”.

After having a wonderful first year of marriage and truly enjoying the time to ourselves we decided it was time to start popping out some babies of our own. Which brings me to the wonderful announcement that we’re having a baby girl!

I’m 25 weeks and counting as I write this blog. Over on my instagram (@maitteeugenia) I asked my followers what they wanted to read from me and one of the many things was pregnancy related questions. I am far from a pregnancy expert and this is my first child but I want to share what has helped me get through this crazy journey so far.

Preggie Pop Drops

If you’ve have the bad luck to have morning sicks like many women do, then you understand the horrible unsettling feeling of nausea. We need to have a majority decision to change the name of ” Morning Sickness” because it is not just in the morning. I was nauseous in the morning when I woke up, during the day and even at night, I swore the universe was being petty and telling me “Congrats your pregnant! Now lets give you hell to prepare for motherhood” lol. Thankfully, I am a big Amazon buyer and searched for something, ANYTHING that would help me feel better and I came across Preggie Pop Drops. Preggie Pop Drops are essentially candies that help temporarily alleviate morning sickness. The candies taste great, no medicine favor! Many moms advised on teas for the nausea but these candies are so convenient to carry in your purse or just pop into your mouth when the nausea hits even in the worst time like at work or out and about running errands.

Soup, Soup, Soup

I’ve always enjoyed a nice soup on a cold day, however it was 90 degrees in Cali during my first trimester and I truly felt like the epitome of a Mexican Mom making caldos on a hot summer day. I was at times too nauseous to eat but the nausea would only get worse if I didn’t have anything in my stomach, so soups were very filling and eased the morning sickness. I have a really healthy version of Turkey Albondigas if anyone is interested let me know so I can make a post about it.

Pregnancy Pillow

Many women make this purchase later in their pregnancy, however during my early weeks I already was having trouble getting comfortable at night from the bloating. Of course, being the true amazon enthusiast that I am I searched and found what has been what I call- my best purchase yet! The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow gives you all the support you need and more, I can’t fully describe it but its as if you sleeping with a cloud. I don’t think I would of survived this far into my pregnancy without it, and I might keep using it after I give birth.

The first trimester was so far the hardest, I was nauseous, fatigued, bloated and not feeling like myself. However, its only temporary so to all the women out there who just found out your pregnant or are trying to become pregnant just remember everyone’s body is different, but embrace the changes and do what you can to survive those first few weeks. I’m currently in my second trimester and I promise its so much more enjoyable now than it was then, just keep pushing!