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Post Partum Hair Loss: 3 Supplements I’m Taking That Has Reduced Hair Loss and Stimulated Growth

I think I jinxed myself in my last post. I quickly mentioned how I haven’t been affected with post partum hair loss at the time… well I’m here reporting back that I have post partum hair loss and it SUCKS! I already heard from other moms how bad the hair loss can be, but I was not ready for how quickly it hits you. From one day to the next, I was shedding worse than a dog and within a few days I noticed thinning areas in my hair line. I took to instagram to ask for help from my fellow mommas and received several suggestions such as taking prenatals, washing my hair less and no pony tails. Aside from the advice I received, I quickly went to work and researched everything I could regarding post partum hair loss and found very little help. A lot of the information was vague and only mentioned “riding it out”, which to me was not the answer.

I have hypothyroid, which if you didn’t know already affects your hair growth and thickness. My once voluminous and thick hair is now fine and thin and has been for many years now, which only made matters worse when the post partum hair loss struck. My hair loss is particularly obvious on my hair line. I knew it was getting bad when I would lightly run my hand over my hair and a wad of loose hair would fall out. I jokingly would say that I’m going to end up looking like my husband Pelon, which is his nickname within his family lol.

However, all jokes aside this was so scary since the hair loss wasn’t slowly down and was actually getting worse as time passed. I know hair loss is a normal part of post partum, however I was determined to figure out a way to at least minimize or reduce how much hair was falling out. I was already taking a Hair, Skin and Nail vitamin daily, which I mentioned in my previous post for dehydrated & dry post partum skin, and occasionally when I remembered would take my prenatal vitamins. I decided to amp up my vitamin intake by adding collagen powder to the mix and see if it would help with my hair loss since I had literally nothing else to lose besides the last bit of hair I had lol.

What I Take Daily
What I Do
  • Wash my hair every few days
  • Detangle with a wide tooth comb
  • No hair ties or tight ponytails

Week 1: The first week of taking all three supplements I noticed little to no decrease in hair fall out. Of course, I wasn’t looking for a quick fix because that would be impossible, however I knew it would take some time to see progress so I kept going.

Week 2: Week 2 was interesting, I didn’t feel as though much changed from week 1 but I noticed little things. I was shedding as much as I was from week 1, however I had less hair on my pillow when I woke up and I didn’t have as many stands on my back through out the day. The little bit of progress I saw it was enough to encourage me to continue and stick to my daily supplement intake.

Week 3: This is the week I noticed my shower hair balls (gross, I know) were smaller. I kept track of my hair loss when I washed my hair every week and week 3 is when I noticed how much smaller the hair ball was compared to the previous weeks.

Now over a month later, my shedding is a little more than average which is a huge improvement to shedding like a dog. As well I’ve noticed regrowth in the areas I was thinning out! I’m going to continue to take the supplements and give an update within another month and hope that the regrowth continues along with less shedding.

Week 1 (9 Comb Bristles Long)
Week 2 (6 Comb Bristles Long)
Week 3 (4 Comb Bristles Long)

Using the comb as reference you can see that every week my hair loss balls were smaller and smaller.

I know the hair loss won’t last but working on reducing it has helped with my self conciousness about it and to me that’s as good as it gets.

I would love to hear from other mommas about their post partum hair loss experience and what you did to reduce it, let me know in the comments below!

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