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How to Keep Smooth & Moisturized Skin During the Winter- 3 Steps to Healthy Hydrated Skin.

Having dry skin is a struggle year round, however during the harsh winter months dry skin takes a turn for the worst. Dry skin not only looks horrible, but feels just as bad-itchy and at times painful. I used to think that I didn’t need to moisturize as much since I was going to wear long sleeves and jeans, which meant nobody would see my ashy ass elbows or knees. That all changed when my skin went 360 on me post partum, and now every inch of me is drier than the Sahara. Thankfully, it’s possible to keep your skin supple and healthy during the winter with just 3 simple steps.


Gentle Cleansers/Body Wash

It’s easy to over look what kind of body wash your using in your daily routine, since we care more for the scent than anything else. However, using a gentle formula will cleanse your body without stripping it of its essential oils. Those essential oils that your body produces keeps your skin healthy, which is usually striped away while using harsh soaps and body washes. Look for products that are formulated for dry or sensitive skin, which will effectively cleanse your body without drying our your skin even more than it already is. Also, Fragrance Free is your sensitive skin’s best friend!


Exfoliating is very important, especially during the drier colder months. Exfoliating will help remove all your rough patches and reveal smooth skin. Exfoliate at least once a week, but I do not suggest exfoliating everyday. Try one of my brands body polishes that are designed with skin loving oils and non abrasive exfoliates like sugar to help reveal beautiful skin.



The most important step to keep your skin from looking like a reptile is moisturizing! Usually during the winter months, I will reach for a thicker consistency moisturizer like a butter cream. Butter creams help seal in all the hydration my skin needs and lasts all day. Solis Modern Wellness recently released the Calendula Repair & Revive Butter Cream, which has Organic Calendula Extract and so many beneficial oils such as shea butter and mango butter.

Let me know in the comments what products you use during the winter months to keep your skin glowing and healthy.


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