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Thrifted Home Decor: Spring Items to Freshen My Home

I hate the empty feeling my house has once all the festive holiday decor has been put away. Thankfully here in California we don’t actually have a “winter”, so we can easily start transitioning our home decor to spring as soon as . . . now!

I rounded up the few home decor items that I’ve thrifted in the past 2 weeks to show you what I’m looking for and how I’m incorporating them into my home.

Crate & Barrel Vase

For some time now I was stuck on what decor piece to put on my bedside table. I wanted something that would look substantial but not crowd my small table, so I knew it had to be some kind of glass piece. When I spotted this Crate & Barrel vase amongst the other glass pieces in the home decor area of my local Salvation Army, I quickly made my way through a pair of comadres and snatched it up before anyone else could.

I plan on filling the vase, with a few branches of either eucalyptus or silver dollar greenery, to close the gap between the side table and the picture frame. Below is some inspo.

Striped Feather Filled Pillow

There are some things I am very weary of thrifting for sanitary reasons, or maybe its just me. Pillows always gross me out at the thrift stores, they’re usually hella dirty and I don’t know where they have been, which basically is a big NO NO and EWWW for me. However, I will make the exception when the pillow is a good quality and has a removable cover that I can wash and deep clean.

As was the case when I found a striped linen pillow. It was in good condition, removable cover, and was feather filled. That for me is the Holy Trinity of thrift store pillows, plus it has a neutral color scheme that I always go for so that I can use it year round with any decor.

Lavender Wreath

Last week, as I prepared for my baby shower I was at Michael’s getting last minute items when I noticed they had put out their spring line. One of the items I was contemplating buying was a floral wreath for my front door, however they were way too expensive for my budget. Which is why I’m so glad I didn’t cave and luck was on my side when I found this beautiful wreath.

How cute is this lavender wreath?! I was making my last round before I left the thrift store right as the store manager put out this amazing wreath. Of course, I hauled ass to get to it and I couldn’t be happier.

Clear Glass Vases

I always have plants in my home, however I have down sized my collection since I finally have a back yard/patio to fill up. So I decided to refill my home with greenery starting with some pothos cuttings. Its an economic way to fill your space with plants without breaking the bank and it looks great on shelves.

What are some of your must have spring decor items? Maybe I’ll get lucky and thrift a few.