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New Born Baby: 1st Month Must Haves- What I Used to Survive as a First Time Mom With an Environment Sensitive and Over Stimulated Baby.

On March 5, 2020 my beautiful baby girl made her grand entrance into our world. Before she arrived I tried my best to prepare for her and the new joys and challenges she would bring. I searched all over the internet looking for hacks, tips and tricks to help me as a first time mom. Salomé is now 4 months, time flew by but those first few weeks felt like an eternity when your still trying to figure out what your baby needs and wants. Baby girl turned out to be very environmentally sensitive, I’m not sure if that’s a real thing but that’s as best as I can describe her. Salomé would get distracted very easily and over simulated preventing her from falling asleep. At her worst, Salomé would stay up from 10 pm until 6 am! My poor baby could not shut off her mind from the environment. Now as time has passed, I have made a list of what helped me tremendously with my environment sensitive baby.

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Diaper Caddies

This tip I got from Pinterest and it was a life savor! When you need to change a diaper you can’t always have the luxury of going into a different room like the nursery, especially if like my baby a change in light or just her surroundings would trigger her. I used several diaper caddies through out my home so I could change baby where ever we needed too. You could get fancy and purchase some very cute caddies from Homegoods, TJ Maxxx, etc., however I got mine from good ol’ Dollar Tree and they worked great. They have three compartments which was perfect to fit Diapers, a changing pad, baby wipes and rash cream. I had one in the living room and our bedroom, which is where we spent the most time during the first month. Every night we would restock the caddies before going to bed so that the next day everything was ready to go. Fast forward 4 months to current day, we still use the diaper caddy in our bedroom for late night diaper changes.

Gripe Water

Gripe water is a miracle in a bottle! Baby girl was very sensitive especially when it came to falling or staying asleep, so for her getting the hiccups or a little gas was the end of the world. To help ease her discomfort we would give her Little Remedies Gripe Water, which surprisingly she loved the taste and had no problem taking it. The gripe water would go to work immediately and soon after my little one would be ready to knock out again.

White Noise

Before Salomé came into our world I had never heard of a baby falling asleep to white noise. That was so bizarre to me, like what? Don’t babies like lullabies? I tried playing countless lullabies for Salomé so she could fall asleep and every single one of them was as if I was telling her, “Stay awake even longer, mommy doesn’t want to sleep either“. Plain and simple, lullabies were an absolute negative, so again I made a deep dive into Pinterest and found that white noise is a very similar noise to that of the womb. Desperate to help baby girl fall asleep, I downloaded a free app onto my phone that plays white noise (and other background noises) continuously and from the moment I tried it I’ve never gone back, Salome uses white noise to fall asleep every time.

Portable Night Light

Babies who get over stimulated easily have triggers that, we as parents, need to figure out so our little ones can get some rest and we can too. One of the most common simulators is light, it confuses the baby into thinking it’s day time so he/she should stay up. Especially during the 1st month their circadian rhythm (sleep/awake cycle) is a mess. Creating an atmosphere of dark and calm is the perfect condition for a stimulate sensitive baby to sleep in. A portable night light will help maintain that atmosphere you created during late night feedings and diaper changes. That was one of the mistakes my husband and I made during the first few weeks, we would turn on the lights to change and feed Salome but that would cause her to wake up completely and it was such a hassle getting her back down to sleep. Instead turn on the portable night light and keep it at a distance that is not to close as to not wake up baby but you can still see what your doing in the dark. This will make putting baby back to sleep so much easier as baby might not have woken up all the way because of the dark and calm environment kept by the night light.

The portable night light we use is great, the best one we’ve used thus far! Its small and compact which is perfect to keep on the bedside table. It’s wireless which is a must and keeps a very long charge. Check it out Here.

Happiest Baby SNOO Bassinet

The SNOO bassinet deserves to win some kind of genius award, yes it’s that good! I won’t go too much into detail with why I am so in love with our SNOO Bassinet because I have a whole blog post about it HERE. However, to quickly summarize Salomé like I mentioned above needed white noise to sleep but not only that, she would wake every 20-30 mins while in her previous bassinet. My husband and I were sleepless and delusional from a cranky sleepy baby until we got our SNOO. The SNOO gently rocks baby back and forth while playing white noise in the background which for Salome is the perfect combination for a good nights sleep. Read more about it HERE.

The most important tip I can give is to be patient. Your baby is one of a kind and needs you to figure out a one of a kind solution or routine for them. Be patient mommy’s you’ll figure it out.

Comment below what tips you have for your sensitive baby. I would love to know!

The above links, as well as link through out this post, are affiliate links. Products purchased through these links give me a small commission that helps me create content for the blog and income for my family.