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Preggo Style: Thrifted Plaid Blazer for the Fall and Winter

Christmas is around the corner and I am trying to avoid any and all in person shopping. I really enjoy shopping, browsing the racks and looking for deals are what I consider cardio and therapeutic. However, once the holidays hit I will avoid stores like the plague, too many people, everything is thrown around everywhere- basically its too much.

In an effort to avoid the Christmas shopping chaos, my husband and I went to the Citadel Outlets to get all our Christmas shopping done in one stop. Knowing that we would be walking around alot and that my feet and body usually give out pretty quickly I wanted to wear something comfortable, which is my go-to mentality lately as I have entered my third trimester. So I decided to wear one of my most recent thrift store finds- a plaid over sized blazer. I had been on the hunt for a plaid blazer, however I didn’t want to invest in a “good” blazer since I’m pregnant and still growing which meant it might not fit as well in a few months once the baby is born. So I finally came across the “perfect” blazer for my current situation, I loved the plaid print, the over sized fit and the length was perfect but what’s even better? It was only $8.00!

However like I’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts, when you go thrifting you might not find the “perfect” thing but you need to use your imagination. This blazer was off by just one thing from being perfect, it had huge shoulder pads which I cut out and BAM! my new favorite blazer. I can’t wait to style this blazer in different ways, with a knit sweater or a graphic tee. How would you style a plaid blazer?

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