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The Happiest Baby SNOO Bassinet: Sleepless Nights Turned to Sweet Dreams

Let’s start at the beginning.

Baby girl was great as we came out the hospital, she slept for two hour stretches, ate and went right back to sleep. I would think to myself “wow, I have such an amazing baby!”. Everything was going so well for about a week an a half when out of no where she no longer would sleep at night. She would do these crazy all nighters, from around 10 pm to 6 am. She was fussy, crying and sleepless but nothing we did would sooth her. Our poor baby would eventually knock out at 6 am of exhaustion along with my husband and I. I swore my baby was broken lol I had never heard of anyone going through what we were especially since it was not colic or anything we would pin point aside from the fact that Salomé just didn’t want to sleep.

One sleep deprived night, I was rocking baby girl and scrolling through my Instagram feed trying to stay up when I came across an ad for the SNOO. I clicked on the link desperate for anything that would help Salomé sleep, but mostly what would give Eduardo and I even an ounce of rest at night. As I read more into what the SNOO does and the reviews of other struggling parents, I was convinced we needed this bassinet in our lives ASAP.

What Does the SNOO Do?

The SNOO basically is a robot in the form of a really cute modern bassinet. The SNOO detects when the baby is fussing and adjusts its self to one of four levels of soothing. The soothing consists of white noise and a rocking/swaying motion. The white noise and swaying are consistently going for as long as the SNOO is on. The SNOO does have the option to stop the white noise and or the motion, however the beauty of the two are how well they work together to sooth your baby. Along with the white noise and swaying motion, the SNOO is used with a specific swaddle that is designed to keep your baby snug and safe. The swaddle is designed to keep your baby on its back at all times as well as maintain your baby stabilized as the swaying motion increases during soothing. The white noise, swaying motion and swaddle all work together like magic!

How Much Does the SNOO Cost?

The SNOO is definitely an investment, or at least that’s how my husband and I saw it. An investment in our sleep, better sleep equals better parenting or at least that’s what we told ourselves. The SNOO is a whooping $1,300.00 for the package which includes.

  • SNOO Bed
  • 4 Legs
  • Power Adapter
  • Power Cable Holder
  • 3 SNOO Sacks (S, M, L)
  • Mattress with Fitted Sheet

Of course, coughing up $1,300.00 for a bassinet that your not even sure will work for your fussy baby is not easy. Which is why SNOO offers a rental program, a great way to try out the SNOO for a month at a time and give it a shot at a reasonable price.

Although my husband and I were willing to try ANYTHING for some rest, we did our research and quickly realized that renting wasn’t the best option for us. On the SNOO websites it advertise the rental option as $100 a month, which sounds great! However, what they don’t mention up front is the $300 deposit as well as taxes. With the deposit, taxes and rental fee the total was close to $600.00, which is half the price to purchase the SNOO. My husband had the brillant idea to look on Offer Up and luckily in my area several people were selling their SNOO for around $600-$700, which would be the price of the rental. So we obviously went with purchasing the SNOO from a lovely couple whose 3 month old had transitioned to his crib and had nothing but amazing things to say about their experience.

Is the SNOO Worth it?

If you ask my husband whether the SNOO is worth it or not, you will get an immediate “Hell Yeah!”.

I will never forget the first time she slept in her SNOO and I witnessed the magic. My husband set up the SNOO, which was very easy and hassle free, and we got Salomé ready for her nap. We put her to sleep, placed her into the swaddle and pushed the button to turn the SNOO on. About 30 minutes into her nap she started to fuss, wiggle and cry (Her usual routine) but without skipping a beat the SNOO went to work. The SNOO increased the white noise and swayed a little faster as it entered the next level and that’s when it happened. Salomé started to calm down, she stopped crying, her wiggling settled and she slowly closed her eyes again… she was back asleep in less than a minute. At that exact moment I knew without a doubt that the SNOO was worth every penny.

It took my daughter a few days to adjust to the movement and the swaddling of the SNOO but we immediately saw the results we had only dreamed of. Salomé went from waking up every 30 mins crying to 2 hour stretches waking only to feed. It was beautiful, you never truly appreciate sleep until you have a newborn, but with the SNOO getting some rest and sleep is actually possible.

The SNOO is still pretty expensive in my opinion regardless if you do what we did and look for one second hand, rent or buy it. However, my only regret is not using the SNOO the moment we came home from the hospital. Salomé is 2 months and is sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches at night, so for my husband and I the SNOO is more than worth it.

I was once a desperate, delusional, sleep deprived mother just like many of you. If you need any more info or have any questions I’d love to help simply comment below!

Preggo Style: Thrifted Plaid Blazer for the Fall and Winter

Christmas is around the corner and I am trying to avoid any and all in person shopping. I really enjoy shopping, browsing the racks and looking for deals are what I consider cardio and therapeutic. However, once the holidays hit I will avoid stores like the plague, too many people, everything is thrown around everywhere- basically its too much.

In an effort to avoid the Christmas shopping chaos, my husband and I went to the Citadel Outlets to get all our Christmas shopping done in one stop. Knowing that we would be walking around alot and that my feet and body usually give out pretty quickly I wanted to wear something comfortable, which is my go-to mentality lately as I have entered my third trimester. So I decided to wear one of my most recent thrift store finds- a plaid over sized blazer. I had been on the hunt for a plaid blazer, however I didn’t want to invest in a “good” blazer since I’m pregnant and still growing which meant it might not fit as well in a few months once the baby is born. So I finally came across the “perfect” blazer for my current situation, I loved the plaid print, the over sized fit and the length was perfect but what’s even better? It was only $8.00!

However like I’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts, when you go thrifting you might not find the “perfect” thing but you need to use your imagination. This blazer was off by just one thing from being perfect, it had huge shoulder pads which I cut out and BAM! my new favorite blazer. I can’t wait to style this blazer in different ways, with a knit sweater or a graphic tee. How would you style a plaid blazer?

P.S. Check out my Pinterest for more plaid blazer outfit inspo

Preggo Style: My Favorite White T-Shirt “Le Bump”

The other day Ed (My husband) and I went out for brunch and decided to give the newest local spot a shot. Steel Craft is the newest addition to downtown Bellflower, it has a great variety of new restaurants which is something Bellflower always seemed to lack. Not only does it give food options, asthetically its a refreshing take on outdoor and community eating which I enjoyed.

We had heard great things about the bagal shop that was at Steel Craft as well as the coffee shop so we went straight there. At Solid Coffee Shop we ordered

  • Iced Matcha Latte with Almond Milk
  • Solid Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweetener

While at Cassidy’s Corner we ordered

  • Del Amo on a Everything Bagel
  • Cassidy’s Club on a Whole Wheat Bagel

Everything was great, the bagels were so filling and our drinks were amazing. I usually drink green tea but I’m going to give Matcha a try since the drink was so good.

While out on our brunch date I wore my favorite T-shirt at the moment. I purchased the T-shirt from Boohoo Maternity for a great price, which makes me love the shirt even more lol. Maternity clothes can be very expensive especially when you take into consideration that your only going to be wearing it for less than a year. However, just like every other T-Shirt you can easily dress it up or down like I did with leggings and a denim jacket. Comfy shoes are still a must for me, these aren’t my current favorites but go back to my previous post to find out which ones are.

Here are a few of my top picks for cute maternity graphic T-shirts if you interested in getting some comfy and cute options.

Preggo Style: My Current Go To Shoes- Naturalizer Yola Sneaker

I’m not sure what hormone to blame, but when my second trimester started my feet just seemed to give up on me. All my shoes stopped fitting and hurt my heels SO bad that all I would wear were my sandals, but even my sandals became my worst enemies eventually. I was in denial for some time about the sad truth, my feet had grown. I’m honestly not sure if my feet grew, got wider or both but I gave in and went shoe shopping, looking for ANYTHING that I could walk in comfortably.

Blazer Cardigan: LC by Lauren Conrad
Tank: JCPenny
Sneakers: Naturalizer Yola Sneakers

About 2-3 weeks ago, my husband and I went to our local Burlington in search of some shoes for myself (and you know I’m all about finding a deal) that would be cute yet comfy. To my surprise I came across these Naturalizer Yola Sneakers, which I thought were cute and I almost cried when I tried them on… THEY WERE SO COMFY! I felt as if I was literally walking on clouds, not even my Adidas or Nike sneakers could compare. Although I didn’t end up purchasing them that day because I knew I needed to either size up a half size or see if they were available in wide, because they are pretty narrow. Luckily they were in my size on Amazon, I ordered them right away and have been wearing them non stop ever since. These sneakers have honestly been the best purchase I’ve made so far in my pregnancy… right after my pregnancy pillow lol.


Do you have any recommendations for comfortable shoes? I can not do anything flat, meaning I need to have a solid sole with cushion or else I won’t make it through the day. I miss the days of throwing on some heels or booties just because it completed an outfit, but now a days its more about comfort. Honestly, I don’t mind giving up some style for my little one as long as I’m comfortable for the both of us.