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Aztec Clay Mask: Acne’s Worst Enemy and Your Skins Best Friend

 Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Acne? *Raises both hands*.

Entering adult hood I was looking forward to, what I believed would be, the end of my acne. However, I’m turning 27 this year, and although I have a better hold of an effective skin care routine for myself, I still get the occasional break out. My breakouts have migrated through out the years on my face, first all over my cheeks to my lower chin area and now back to my cheeks again. It can get frustrating thinking that you got rid of your acne only to see a few weeks later its back and now moved on to a even more noticeable area. However, I have found a topical solution that has helped me tremendously, the Aztec Clay Mask.

One of my favorite skin care steps is using a face mask. I really enjoy the relaxing feeling of laying on my bed for a few minutes and allowing what ever concoction I smothered all over my face to penetrate and do its thanggg.

The Aztec Clay Mask is like a vacuum for your face, seriously. The first time I put on the mask, it felt a little intense since it has a pulling and pulsing sensation. After leaving the mask on for about 10-15 minutes I gently washed it off. Typical of my skin, my face was RED like I got a sun burn, I have very sensitive skin so I was expecting this from reading reviews online. I threw on my moisturizer and went to bed with hopes that the mask would help me even in the slightest way. The next day my pores were noticeably smaller but to my horror, it made me break out even more!

I thought to myself, ” Maittita, what the fuck did you do to yourself?!”.

The interesting thing about my break outs were that they were new from under the skin bumps I had and the old break outs had dried out and were no longer inflamed. So, I waited a few days and gave the mask another shot. I had a feeling I had broken out because it sucked out all the gunk in my skin, and I was right.

I don’t use this mask all over my face anymore, its become more of a spot treatment for me. It maybe the prenatal vitamins that have helped balance my skin out, but whenever I need some extra TLC on a particular area I go straight to the Aztec Clay Mask every time.

Mix the powder with Apple Cider Vinegar for a deeper cleanse.

Will this mask erase a bad skin care routine? NO.

Will this mask solve unhealthy eating habits affecting your skin? NO.

This face mask is an accessory to a healthy lifestyle with a solid skin care routine. Keep this in mind if you try it out.

Quick Tips

  • Use only glass/plastic bowl and brush when applying the mask.
  • A thinner/runnier consistency of mask is best for first time use, to see how your skin reacts.
  • This mask can be very drying, use a hydrating moisturizer right after.

Hopefully if you have troubled skin this helps you and let me know below if you’ve tried this before and how it worked for you.