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Monthly Favorites: My Summer favorites for my 1 and a half year toddler

July was the beginning of some serious heat here in Cali so a lot of these items are summer staples that I’ve been using nonstop. Unlike other places, California summers run long into October so it’s never too late to start using some of these items if you live in California or any other “forever summer” states.

Over-sized Band Tee

Ever since it started heating up in California I’ve been opting for a more casual everyday look for Salome. I love the “Tom Boy” look on her. The look consists of biker shorts, an over-sized graphic tee shirt, and comfy sneakers or sandals. I girly it up by using pastel colorways for her biker shorts and the graphic design on her tee shirts. and the graphic design on her tee shirts.


Teva Original Universal Sandals

Salome recently started walking and she has been nonstop on the go! These Sandals have given her the confidence to let go and be on her own by helping with her balance. Aside from the balance, they are so cute! and are perfect for the hot summer days.

Solis Modern Wellness Bug Spray

This bug spray only needs one word to describe it, LIFESAVER! Every summer it’s the same story the mosquitoes come out to attack however, fortunately, this spray has kept my little one mosquito bite-free all summer long. This is a natural and chemical-free solution for the whole family.



If you are one of those parents that do not believe in “Screen time” keep scrolling because in this household we do a little every day. I allow my daughter to watch 1 movie a day with her dad once he’s back from work. So far this has been a great way for them to bond and while he still gets a chance to relax once he’s off of work. This movie is a beautiful story and I truly appreciate the effort Disney put into creating characters with different disabilities.

GoGo Squeez Fruit pouch

Like all moms, we are constantly doing something, forever busy dealing with life. These fruit pouches have been very convenient for on the go. I used to and still do make my version with reusable pouches but at times life takes over and you can make these so I usually keep these on hand just in case I didn’t have time to make my own. I love that these do not have any extra nonsense, just fruit.


I’m really looking forward to creating these monthly round ups. Comment down below some of your favorites!